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CMC Rescue, Inc. is now a Certified Green Business! 


CMC was awarded certification on March 23, 2016 along with 14 other local county businesses. The Program recognizes companies that go above and beyond required measures to serve as models of sustainability.

CMC Rescue employee-owners formed the Green Team in 2015 to foster and promote green practices throughout our company’s daily business operations and culture. Our efforts include water and waste conservation, recycling, and the adoption of more environmentally friendly packaging and purchasing practices.

As part of the process of certification, we created Paper Use Guidelines to conserve paper, Office Purchasing Guidelines to ensure greener purchasing preferences, and eliminated the use of plastic water bottles with reusable glasses and fountains in conference rooms. Working with Goleta Water District’s Smart Rebate Program, we also revamped our landscape irrigation system in order to conserve water, which should result in substantial savings for the company.

Other efforts include installing more efficient lighting in our buildings, and eliminating Styrofoam and reducing the use of plastic in our packaging.

Working with our HR department, we are now able to offer a new CMC Commuter Program for employees. In addition to our in-house bike racks, helmets, company bikes, and showers, we now participate in Traffic Solutions Smart Ride where employees can log their trips and find carpool partners. Subsidized bus fares are also now available for those who commute use public transportation to get to work.

Read the official Santa Barbara County Green Business press release for more information.