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The Arizona Vortex (AZV)

The Arizona Vortex (AZV) is a highly versatile and portable artificial high directional (AHD). As an AHD, the AZV allows users to elevate rope lines above edges, entries or other obstructions, and is ideal in edge-mitigation for cliffs, confined spaces, mines and other industrial rescue or rope access operations.

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Advantages of the Arizona Vortex

  • Designed & engineered for unlimited versatility and configuration options for all terrain types and urban environments.  

  • Portable system efficiently divides into four separate carry bags for ease of storage and transport.

  • Intuitive design offers quick and easy set up, positioning and adjustment.

  • Safely mitigates rope friction during edge operations.

  • Increases safety and efficiency by greatly reducing edge transition complications for the rescuer or worker.

  • Serves both as an artificial high directional (AHD) and can serve as an anchor point in urban environments such as elevator shafts or confined space rescue.

  • Allows simple attachment of winch products to ease and expedite system raises and lowers.

“You can see the attention to detail needed to provide this level of safety.”

Arizona Vortex Components

Strength + Versatility

Engineered and made in the USA from precision machined, aircraft-grade T-6 aluminum, the AZV offers superior strength and versatility in a compact and lightweight design.

"The only thing that limits this piece of equipment is your imagination.”
Chad Ponegalek, Fire Captain
Newport Beach Fire Department


Enhance the use and capabilities of the

AZV with accessories, kits and other hardware.


AZORP (Arizona Omni Rigging Pod) Kit

Achieve even greater versatility with the AZV using this two-in-one rigging pod. The AZORP features two component halves that can be used in combination, or separately, with the inner or outer AZV legs. Machined from one solid block of T-6 aluminum, it delivers superior strength and a sleek and simple design without welds.


Portable Winches:

The AZV is compatible with several portable lightweight winches including the Harken Industrial and SkyHook models. These complete winch kits include easy-mounting hardware and electric power tool attachment options.



A Multitude of Rigging Possibilities

  • Often called a multipod because of its versatility, the AZV’s two-piece head set allows for rigging as a standard tripod, or in advanced applications like an Easel A-frame, A-frame, Sideways A-frame, and Gin Pole.

  • Fully adjustable telescoping legs let riggers set up in the most challenging wilderness, urban and industrial terrain.

  • Adjustable third leg can be used to create a leaning easel A-frame that positions the change-of-direction pulley closer to the edge of a cliff or structure.

Updated Mobile App

Access the Arizona Vortex User Manual in the field.



Elevate your Access with the Arizona Vortex Video Series

Learn all about the highly versatile Artificial High Directional in this introductory video.

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