Structural Collapse Shoring

About the Class

Covers NFPA 1006 Chapter 6 (Structural Collapse Rescue) Operations Level Skills.

Structural Collapse Rescue is an intensive 24-hour class that provides hands-on training and real life scenarios allowing the student to gain confidence in a building a variety of shores.

Skills Taught

Safety practices, indications of collapse, formations of voids, building weight estimates, shoring principles, concepts, and construction; stages of search and rescue, victim recovery and extrication, and incident termination and debriefing.

Class Includes

CMC School Certificate of Completion
FEMA Shoring Operations Guide (SOG)
CMC Shirt
CMC Buff

Enrollment Requirements

This class is currently offered only on a contract basis.

Class Fees

Pricing upon inquiry. Please contact School Administrator via email:

Class Size

Limited to 24 students. We emphasize hands-on instruction and encourage participation by everyone in the class.

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