Structural Collapse Shoring

Class Description

Covers NFPA 1006 Chapter 6 (Structural Collapse Rescue) Operations Level Skills.

Structural Collapse Rescue is an intensive 24-hour class that provides hands-on training and real life scenarios allowing the student to gain confidence in a building a variety of shores.

Skills Taught

  • Safety practices
  • Indications of collapse
  • Formations of voids
  • Bbuilding weight estimates
  • Shoring principles, concepts, and construction
  • Stages of search and rescue
  • Victim recovery and extrication
  • Incident termination and debriefing.

Class Includes

  • CMC School Certificate of Completion
  • FEMA Shoring Operations Guide (SOG)
  • CMC Shirt
  • CMC Buff

Enrollment Requirements

This class is currently offered only on a contract basis. Request a contract class here.

Class Size

Limited to 24 students. We emphasize hands-on instruction and encourage participation by everyone in the class.