Safety and Recall Notices


Part# 333000

CMC has received a report of a single MPD (13 MM model) that was assembled with an 11 MM model front plate. This would provide additional travel of the internal moving brake, potentially allowing greater gripping force on the rope than would be optimal in some applications.

Initial data from production documents indicate this is likely contained to the single unit already identified. However, additional MPDs that could be affected are from production lots 17178 and 17194. MPD (13 MM) units from these two lots were shipped between August 1 and October 1, 2017.

CMC requests that you inspect all MPD (13 MM) units from the two lot numbers identified for this condition. If you find an MPD with the condition listed above, please immediately remove the unit from service and contact our customer support team by calling (800) 513-7455 or (805) 562-9120 or via email at

Product Information Notice for CMC Prusiks – APR 2017

CMC Sewn-Loop and AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks
part# 293083, 293086, 293383, 293386
CMC AZTEK ProSeries System Prusiks
part# 295001, 295002, 295012
Some Sewn-Loop and Bound-Loop Prusiks were labeled with the MBS figures reversed (kN transposed with lbf – See Information Notice for detailed image). Although function is not affected, any incorrectly labeled products can be replaced upon request. Please contact CMC Customer Support by calling 1-800-513-7455 / 805-562-9120 or emailing

Product Inspection Notice for the CMC MPD™ – MAR 2017

Part# 333000, 333010, 333010-CE
CMC has received a very limited number of reports of one or more of the MPD cover plate cap screws found to be loose. CMC has determined that this condition does not present a safety hazard to users. If during visual inspection any of the fasteners are found to be loose, contact CMC to return the unit for service by calling 1-800-513-7455 / 805-562-9120 or emailing to

Teufelberger Product Recall Notice – FEB 2017

K05100 – Escape Line (8 mm)
292015 – ProSeries FR Escape Line (7.5 mm)
293387 – NFPA Throwline (8 mm)


Request for immediate recall of CMC Enforcer Load Cell Kit, product #300750. All units indicating a manufacture date prior to 16214XXXXX (manufactured in 2016 on the 214th day of the year) are subject to recall. All units produced ON or AFTER this date are NOT subject to recall. The serial number is laser engraved on the side or back of the device.


Request for immediate recall of CMC 3D product, #300880 (Lot Numbers 16001 – 16203). All affected products will be replaced by CMC at no additional cost to the customer.

AustriAlpin Courtesy Safety NOTICE

Courtesy safety notice to AustriAlpin users that in an extremely small quantity (0.0000005% = 1 out of 2 million) of COBRA® buckles there may exist parts where the rivets have not been press fixed.

Sparrow Safety Notice

While performing a rescue training during an IRATA course, a Sparrow self-braking descender was damaged because of a wrong and improper usage.

STERLING ROPE Voluntary Recall Notice

Voluntary recall notice to Sterling Rope customers regarding 8 mm sewn-cord products and published MBS values.

CMC Safety Notice

REQUEST FOR IMMEDIATE SELF-INSPECTION of all CMC and CMC/Roco harnesses and straps using PenSafe 9225 Friction Buckles.


CMC Safety Notice: Product List

Pertaining to the PenSafe Quality Alert released on April 22, please refer to the following list of CMC and CMC/Roco harnesses and products that may be affected. All harnesses and straps equipped with the PenSafe 9225 Friction Buckle should be inspected.


Quality Alert: PenSafe 9225 Buckle

Notice to PenSafe customers using part number 9225 Friction Buckle with manufacture codes of 07F and 08A.


Petzl Safety Alert

Notice to all Petzl customers to immediately stop use of Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik.


Omega Pacific Recall Notice

Omega Pacific carabiner recall notice.

Product Notice – January2012 – Petzl

Petzl statement on a special use of the Petzl Shunt.

Product Recall Notice – September 2011 – CMC

CMC SRT Belt Recall Notice (Part #479610)

Product Recall Notice – August 29, 2011 – CMC

CMC Escape Tether – Part #203500 and #202730

For Products: Escape Artist System (certified to NFPA 1983), Survivor Escape Artist System, or FR Escape Tether with a 7‐mm oval screw link that attaches the tether to the Escape Artist.

Product Recall Notice – June 2011 – Petzl

Petzl announces recall for replacement on GRIGRI 2. Because user safety is of primary concern, Petzl has recalled all GRIGRI 2’s (D14 2O, D14 2G, D14 2B ) with the first five digits of the serial number between 10326 and 11136. If you have a GRIGRI 2, stop use immediately and contact Petzl America by telephone at 1-800-932-2978, or by email

Product Notice – May 2011 – Petzl

Request for immediate self-inspection for all Petzl ABSORBICA energy absorbers. Concerns all Petzl ABSORBICA energy absorbers manufactured before May 17th 2011 up to serial number 11137****. The relevant product references are: L57, L58, L58 MGO, L59, L59 MGO, L59 69, L70120 YG, L70150 IM, L70150 YM, L70150 I, L70150 Y, L70150 YM.

Product Recall Notice – April 2009 – CMC

CMC Rack Recall Notice (Part #300890)

Capital Safety Inspection Notice

Capital Safety has learned of broken screw heads found in a limited number of Protecta brand Rebel Self- Retracting Lifelines (SRLs). The units affected by this notice are the black, extruded aluminum housing versions of the Rebel, manufactured between 1 April 2014 and 30 November 2014.

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