Rope Rescue Technician III


Class Description

Covers NFPA 1006 Chapter 5 (Rope Rescue) Technician Level Skills.

Rope Rescue Technician III is an advanced rope rescue training for the serious professional. In this 40-hour class, you are challenged by scenarios that test your rigging skills and expand your problem-solving capabilities. The curriculum was developed with more than three decades of experience in teaching rope rescue. We update and revise the course regularly to bring you the latest and best information on rope rescue techniques from our vast network of rescue professionals.

Skills Taught

  • Updates on the latest equipment, systems testing, belay techniques, and other research
  • Equipment and systems demonstration tests
  • Manufactured and improvised artificial high anchor points
  • High lines
  • Guiding lines
  • Advanced litter handling techniques
  • Numerous challenging real-life rescue scenarios
  • The hands-on intensive scenarios will challenge your decision-making abilities
  • Improve your capability to conduct sophisticated team rescues.

Class Includes

  • CMC School Certificate of Completion
  • CMC Rope Rescue Technician Field Guide
  • CMC Shirt
  • CMC Patch

Enrollment Requirements

Completion of CMC Rope Rescue Technician I / II class is mandatory. Please bring your Rope Rescue Manual to class if it is our 5th edition or later.

NOTE: Your spot is not guaranteed until you are contacted by CMC School confirming your enrollment. The CMC School administrator will contact you 45 days before the start date to confirm the class will be held as scheduled. We strongly suggest that you do not make any travel arrangements before that time, as classes are subject to cancellation.

Class Fees

EARLY $1,469 when registered and paid 45 days in advance
REGULAR $1,539 when registered less than 45 days in advance

Class Size

Limited to 16 students. We emphasize hands-on instruction and encourage participation by everyone in the class. Classes fill early, so register soon.

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