“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”
– Henry Adams


CMC School instructors are passionate, dedicated teaching professionals who bring high-level technical knowledge and real-life rescue experience to each and every class. Recognized as some of the industry’s most experienced rescue professionals, their highly effective hands-on training and emphasis on learn by doing sets the CMC School apart.

Collectively they possess more than 500 years of pride in professional service, and they’ve faced nearly every rescue situation imaginable. Individually they participate in advanced rescue training seminars and techniques, contribute to NFPA and ASTM committees shaping and setting industry standards, and work extensively with their respective state training organizations.

CMC School instructors are all members of emergency response units and actively answer the call to building collapses, mountain, industrial and underground rescue. They are trusted and respected teachers representing the industry’s best-practice techniques and equipment for emergency response professionals.

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