David Harper


Professional Service Since 1997 | CMC Since 2021

With 25 years’ experience in Fire, Rescue and EMS, David Harper started EMT training while in high school and began volunteering for the Orange County Fire Authority shortly after graduation from high school. He has been involved with fire, rescue and EMS his entire adult life.

David served at the City of Burbank Fire Department, and he retired from the Orange County Fire Authority in 2022.

Qualifications include CA State Registered Instructor for Rope Rescue Operations, Rope Rescue Technician, and Confined Space Rescue Technician.

He’s been Member of FEMA Urban Search Rescue Task Force (CA-TF5) for 10 years as Rescue Squad Officer, Rescue Team Manager, Task Force Leader, and Member FIRESCOPE Technical Search and Rescue Specialist Group.

David currently teaches CMC’s Rope Rescue Technician I/II and Confined Space Rescue Technician classes. He enjoys meeting students from different agencies and industries. He says, “We all have different experiences and hazards we face. I enjoy learning about the particular hazards and challenges the students face in their rescue environment and helping them find solutions to address those challenges.”

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