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About The CMC School

Training for Emergency Response and Work at Height Professionals

CMC has long been recognized as a leader in the rescue equipment industry.  This expertise naturally led to the teaching of rescue techniques and the establishment of the CMC School. In the early 1980s, CMC developed one of the first curriculums for teaching mountain rescue skills. Over the years, the CMC School has evolved to include open enrollment and contract classes in Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue Technician, Trench Rescue Technician, and Structural Collapse Shoring. Contract classes are also available in Tower Rescue, Tactical Rappelling, Rescue for Stage Riggers and Rescue for Fall Protection. Our consulting services are frequently utilized to establish training needs for specialized emergency response and specific industrial situations.

Learn By Doing | Hands-On Rescue Training with Seasoned Instructors

Safe, effective rescuers need hands-on training to develop the necessary skills for work in the field. CMC School’s method of “learn by doing” is what sets us apart from other training programs. Guided by seasoned CMC School instructors, students work with the tools of the trade, solving realistic rescue scenarios under real-life conditions. This type of applied learning allows students to readily employ the knowledge and skills gained through our classes in actual rescue-response situations.


Confined Space & Tower Rescue Training

For work-at-height professionals in the rope rescue industry, CMC School offers classes providing training with practical application course work in technical rope rescue, tower rescue, confined space rescue & entry, trench rescue, structural collapse shoring, as well as custom contract rope rescue classes offering course work for specific needs in search and rescue (SAR) and urban search and rescue (USAR). For a schedule of current classes, click here.



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This intensive 40-hour Confined Space Entry & Rescue class covers NFPA 1006 technician level skills. Realistic hands-on scenarios allow the student to gain confidence in this dangerous environment.
Contract classes can be tailored to your specific needs and taught at your location. This allows your rescue team to develop skills based on the situations they would most likely encounter.
Covers NFPA 1006 Chapter 6 (Rope Rescue) Level I Skills. Rope Rescue Technician I/II provides an intense, five-day, 40-hour training course in rope rescue fundamentals, focusing on high- and low-angle rescue techniques.
Covers NFPA 1006 Chapter 6 (Rope Rescue) Level II Skills. Rope Rescue Technician III is an advanced rope rescue training for the serious professional.
This intensive 24-hour hands-on course covers Technician Level Trench Rescue Shoring & Evacuation Rescue Skills in NFPA 1006. .

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