“The CLUTCH is a compact precision piece of hardware that is intuitive and rescuer friendly. I can use it as a personal descent control device and at the anchor for lowering or raising two person rescue loads. The compact and innovative design allows one rescuer to stack two clutches together and easily operate them both. I love that design for twin tension rope systems. The CLUTCH also has a panic feature that accounts for unpredictable human reactions in an emergency which dramatically improves safety. A lot can happen in half a second and the smart design and engineering of the CLUTCH clearly stacks the odds in the rescuer’s favor.”


About Tom Pendley:

  • Former Operations Leader for the Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association
  • Former Deputy Chief of Operations and Special Operations, Peoria, AZ, Fire Dept
  • Consultant and author of The Essential Technical Rescue Field Operations Guide
  • Home Base: Washington, USA

“The CLUTCH has allowed our team to replace 3 devices with one. The CLUTCH’s ability to lower and raise heavy loads, along with its comparatively smaller size, has reduced our financial expenditures in equipment and training time. Pitch head hauling with the CLUTCH is currently unequaled and rigging highlines with the CLUTCH is a dream. The CLUTCH stacks closer to anchors and its high efficiency pulley makes tightening track lines and hauling reeve systems easier. Call me a geek, but I really like the sound of progress – the clicking of the sheave when raising with the device. For rescue operations, the CLUTCH is the standard to beat.”


About Mark Pfeifer:

  • President & CEO of Ronin Safety and Rescue, SPRAT Level 3 Rope Access Technician
  • Competitor in 10 GRIMP events and leader of rescue training/ops across 5 continents
  • Fire Officer on a Heavy/Technical Rescue and Rescue Program Coordinator, Canada
  • Home Base: British Columbia, Canada

“This product sets a new standard in the rope rescue and rope access disciplines. The CLUTCH makes transfers from raise to lower and back again easy and intuitive. The quality of this product from an engineering and manufacturing aspect is unparalleled. I like not having to return the handle to the “12 o’clock” position to reset the lower/rappel function. The ability to load the CLUTCH even when attached to a carabiner adds to the functionality. It is an excellent choice for a progress capture device on a pulley system and I found that the handle on the CLUTCH is superbly positioned for ease of use by the brakeman.”


About Reed Thorne:

  • Senior Lead Instructor for the Arizona-based rigging school Ropes that Rescue LTD
  • Creator of the Arizona Vortex multipod and the AZTEK kit for professional rescuers
  • Featured in the History Channel segment “Suicide Missions” titled “High Voltage”
  • Home Base: Arizona, USA

“The CLUTCH is a solid, intuitive tool that has benefits in the Rope Rescue, Rope Access, and confined space rescue industries. It has many positives over similar devices. The CLUTCH can be left on the carabiner while reeving and removing rope from the device, and the reeving itself is extremely efficient. Additionally, the rope takes a very intuitive path through the device that makes mis-rigging very difficult. The CLUTCH works well in a team based rescue (litter work, pick-offs, etc.) and excels in rappel pick-offs. The ergonomic handle and generous “sweet spot” allow for a smooth controlled lower for both light and heavy loads.”


About Wayne Chapman:

  • Retired Captain, Former Helicopter Crew Chief and FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Coordinator
  • Assistant School Director, CMC; Instructor, FEMA, Structural Collapse Specialist, Certified Level II
  • Senior Instructor, Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, & Rescue Systems III
  • Home Base: Arizona, USA


“The CLUTCH is the piece of equipment that was missing from rescue teams. It’s a big step forward for the community. The CLUTCH has a lot of advantages – you can use it as an individual descender/ascender, for mechanical advantage, as a pulley, or rescue belay…so many possibilities with only one device! The CLUTCH is very simple to use, very intuitive and ergonomic, and teaching new rescuers will be easier and faster. I tested this device under heavy loads and was very impressed by how smoothly and safely it lowered these charges. I also love the design, it’s very compact and all the components are very robust. It’s a really nice device!”


About Xavier Tournay:

  • 6 years as Technical/Safety Lead for GRIMPDAY
  • 19 years of technical rope training in the military
  • Rope Rescue Team, local fire department
  • Home Base: Namur, Belgium

“The CLUTCH combines the best traits of the MPD and the traditional handle-controlled descender. The nearly frictionless PCD function conserves energy on long lifts/ascents during prolonged operations. With each pull, there’s very little energy going to waste! Its compact design works great in nested systems, which is a huge advantage for small party operations. At the end of the day, when you’re exhausted, the CLUTCH increases safety by letting you remove or rig the rope without disconnecting it from the main carabiner, eliminating the risk of dropping the device. All these well-designed features put the CLUTCH a step ahead of other devices when it comes to allowing rope professionals to do more with less.”


About Axel Manz:

  • Instructor for Rope Rescue, Tactical Ropes & Air Rescue; Head of training, ecms Aviation GmbH Germany
  • Organizer, annual German Rope Rescue Symposium since 2014
  • Teamleader of Special Rescue Association Germany, 8 time Teamleader for Grimpday


“The CLUTCH changes the game by integrating multiple rope tools into one. There is no reason why all rig-to-lower or haul scenarios would need any other device. I will never do another SPRAT re-certification without one (or two) on my harness. The CLUTCH feels very “solid”, meaning this device is built to last, especially for the demands of industrial work. No cheap plastic to damage or wear out, this is a valuable asset when investing in equipment. Rope access training and operations will be able to implement the CLUTCH for the most efficient and effective rigging and rescue plans, making this device a key piece of kit within the industry- asked for by name.”


About Matt Waskiewicz:

  • Industrial Rope Access Technician since 2006 and SPRAT Evaluator since 2016
  • Instructor, SPRAT and IRATA Rope Access training courses
  • Favorite projects: Brooklyn Bridge, Fremont Bridge, Space Needle and other iconic structures
  • Home Base: British Columbia, Canada

“The CLUTCH bridges the gap between rope access and rope rescue. My favorite application of the CLUTCH is when it’s used as a progress capture to climb a rope. Having a moving wheel versus a static, non-rotating cam really increases it’s efficiency. That means fewer changeovers and less fatigue for the technician. And who doesn’t love the accompanying ratchet sound? It’s a great audible indicator that the rope is feeding properly. The CLUTCH makes rope work safer and more efficient because it allows technicians to find right amount of friction needed for a smooth and safe rappel, while minimizing friction as a pulley or progress capture device.”


About Tom Wood:

  • Instructor, Elevated Safety; SPRAT Board member, Evaluator Candidate, & Level 3 Rope Access Technician
  • Hands on Training (H.O.T.) Instructor | F.D.I.C. – Tower Rescue Operations
  • Terrestrial Rescue Delegate to the International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR)
  • Home Base: Colorado, USA (photo credit: Eric Guth)

“The CLUTCH is a true multi-functional device that bridges the gap across multiple disciplines. Building on the best elements of similar devices, the CLUTCH is able to meet the most demanding needs of rope technicians engaged in rope access, rescue, arbor work and more. It is extremely easy to use as a descender and ascender in a rope access scenario, but also excels as a rescue load lowering device, progress capture, mechanical advantage, and belay. The becket is a notable addition that is lacking in most other devices. Simplicity is everything in both rope access and rescue, and the CLUTCH is definitely a major development in achieving this.”


About Bill Proctor:

  • Owner & Director, Safety Access & Rescue (SAR); Instructor, CMC
  • 20 years rope access experience, SPRAT Level 3 Rope Access Technician
  • 10 years as military parachute instructor, 6 years as technical mountain guide
  • Home Base: New South Wales, Australia

“The CLUTCH is purpose-built as the next step in the evolution of rope access/ rescue equipment. It makes life simpler for rope technicians by combining the best features of other products into one. The CLUTCH does everything well, from anchor-based systems to personal use. Ascend on a descender with ease! It is simple to load and use with minimal training. Built-in features like the anti-panic mechanism and audible clicking sound help increase user safety. The CLUTCH is a revolutionary rope handling device, and a must have for any rope technician.”


About Nate Paulsberg:

  • Co-Managing director of Elevated Safety, SPRAT Level 3 Rope Access Technician
  • Lieutenant, Palatine Fire Dept; PFD Technical Rescue Team Leader; Head of MABAS D1 TRT Training Committee
  • Rescue Team Manager for IL Task Force 1 and head of all rope operations
  • Home Base: Illinois, USA

“Often I have to access my work area with a big rope 2 rope transfer and position myself in the middle of the transfer to execute my job. Doing this with the CLUTCH as the descender on each side gives me the flexibility to adjust my work position easily. With the increased efficiency of the bearing wheel in the CLUTCH, I can safely re-position while saving time and effort. Using the CLUTCH for ascending is also so much easier then any other descender on the market today.”


About Saskia Roosen Cerovski:

  • Co-Owner RESQ industry & outdoor, Rope Rescue Netherlands, IRATA Level 2 Technician
  • Rope Rescue Operator SRHT (German Standard) & ITRA Level 3 Rope Advanced
  • GWO Instructor Working at Heights & Advanced Rescue Training
  • Global competitor in GRIMP and technical challenge events
  • Home Base: Netherlands
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