Our complete list of CMC Manuals and Field Guides

CMC Rope Rescue Manual

New! Revised 4th Edition
Edited by James A. Frank

With more than 70,000 copies sold, the CMC Rope Rescue Manual has become the standard reference for many departments and rope rescue training programs. The manual reflects what we have learned through more than 35 years of responding to rescues and teaching thousands of students. Now in its revised fourth edition, the manual has been updated to include the most current products and techniques.

CMC Rope Rescue Field Guide

New! Revised 4th Edition
CMC Rescue, Inc.

The companion Field Guide to the Revised 4th Edition of the CMC Rope Rescue Manual features water-and tear-proof cover and pages to increase durability. Only 4 inches (10 cm) wide, the waterproof guide fits BDU and uniform pockets, so you can take it with you… anywhere!

Confined Space Entry and Rescue Manual

New! Revised 2nd Edition
CMC Staff

Recently revised, the CMC Confined Space Entry & Rescue Manual is the textbook for confined space rescue courses taught by the CMC School. It is the official textbook for the California State Fire Marshal’s state certified confined space rescue courses, and the training manual of choice for fire departments and industrial rescue teams nationwide.

Confined Space Entry and Rescue Field Guide

Confined space rescue is a very technical discipline with a wide variety of hazards that must be identified and mitigated. The Confined Space Entry and Rescue Field Guide puts a wealth of information in a pocket size book that you can take with you anywhere. Sections include classification and effects of hazards, charts for ventilation, communication systems, rope work, response management and general information that will help keep rescuers safe.

Trench Rescue Technician Manual

The latest publication on technical rescue from CMC, featuring techniques and best practices in trench rescue, as developed and taught by the CMC School.

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