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For those interested, the 2019 application requirements remain listed below.

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Welcome to the team application page for GRIMP North America!

We’re excited you’re here! We designed this international rescue skills challenge to provide an opportunity for education and spirited competition surrounded by peers. Our goal is to foster learning and collaboration within the global rescue community, knowing that as teams work to sharpen their skills and response capabilities, rescues become even safer and more successful for everyone involved.

Ten rescue teams, consisting of seven people each, will be selected to participate in the challenge. Individuals and non-participating teams are welcome and encouraged to join us for spectating and camaraderie.

Selection of teams will be based on professional rope rescue, rope access and confined space rescue experience.

Some of the challenges will contain rescues in enclosed areas. Demonstrations in certain confined space techniques will be provided prior to the start of the competition for teams with less familiarity in this area, but otherwise experienced in a variety of technical rope rescue practices.

Due to space constraints and safety considerations, only 10 qualified teams will be selected to participate at GRIMP North America.

All non-participating teams and individuals are invited and encouraged to join the event as spectators. Special rates to access the battleship museum and to register as a spectator will be available online prior to the event. We aim to create a unique and beneficial experience for both participating teams and spectators.

Entry window closes at 11:59PM PDT Wednesday Sept 5th, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Team Requirements

  • Each team must be comprised of 7 participants including 5 rescuers, 1 victim and 1 evaluator*. * May be known as a “controller” in some countries

  • With the exception of the victim, all participants must be experienced, professional rope technicians competent in their field and be affiliated with an industry-related company or organization.

  • The team captain must be one of the 5 rescuers and fluent in English.

  • The team evaluator must be functionally fluent in English, technically competent, and able to recognize and oversee safety. They will be helping to evaluate the scenarios and will work directly with independent lead evaluators for each scenario.

  • The victim must weigh a minimum of 60kg (132 lbs) and be at least 18 years of age.

  • Each team member must provide their own certified personal equipment and have the same equipment with them for every challenge.

Event Rules

CMC shall oversee GRIMP North America, including qualifying and evaluating teams. All participants are expected to know and abide by the event rules, and CMC has complete authority over the rules.

Teams are evaluated on their ability to safely complete a variety of technical rescue scenarios within a given set of rules, circumstances and time.

All briefings, verbal and written communication will be in English.

Each team is free to use the techniques they deem appropriate.  All rescues must be performed with a minimum of two ropes of 11 mm or greater.  All systems must be capable of passing the “whistle test”, meaning if the person in control of the lowering or descent operation lets go, the system(s) default to stopping.

CMC will provide ropes (both 11mm and 12.5mm), air monitors, Arizona Vortex (with basic instruction on Day 1), litters, and confined space rescue packaging equipment (with basic instruction on Day 1).  

It is the responsibility of the individual team to provide all other equipment necessary to complete a rescue, including lighting, in good condition and designed for its intended use.

There is no limit to the amount of equipment a team can bring, but all equipment must be carried by the 5 rescuers on the team. Returning to a vehicle to obtain “specialized” equipment is not allowed.  

Equipment should meet the appropriate regulations of the participating team’s home country.

The Lead Evaluator at each scenario has the authority to withdraw equipment that does not meet the above criteria.

Teams will be judged using a set of objective evaluation sheets.  All teams start with 1,000 points for the event; each of the five stations is worth 200 points. Points are deducted for infractions such as unlocked carabiners, improper use of equipment, lack of gloves while handling moving ropes, etc.  In the event of a tie in scoring, the team that completed the scenario in the shortest time shall be placed ahead of the slower team in ranking.

Water and snacks will be provided for the participants during the event. Consumption of alcohol prior to or during the event is strictly forbidden.  Any teams caught violating this rule will be withdrawn from further competition.   

GRIMP N.A. will be held at the USS Iowa (BB-61), a decommissioned World War II Battleship located in the San Pedro area of Los Angeles, CA.

The event spans three days with check-in on Thursday afternoon, two days of rescue challenges (Friday and Saturday), and an award ceremony on Saturday evening.   

Event check in will occur at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (601 S. Palos Verdes St. San Pedro, CA 90731) on Thursday March 28, 2019. A mandatory Team Captain meeting will be held that evening to provide scenario reporting location and time, event rules, full agenda and scoring criteria.

A mandatory Evaluator meeting will also be held at the Crowne Plaza Thursday evening; this includes the Evaluator provided by each of the participating teams.

CMC will host a welcome reception at the Crowne Plaza on Thursday evening.

Complete rules and regulations will be communicated to the teams after they have been announced.

This information can be found in the GRIMP North America details. If you have any questions, please contact us.

This form is your team’s official GRIMP North America entry application.



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