CMC Podcast 10 - AZ Vortex (Part I of II) Belay High, Low or Through an AZTEK?


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This episode discusses what we do with our belay line when using an artificial high directional like an Arizona Vortex. Do we put it high through the Vortex along with our main or second line, do we run it low along the ground or do we do something in between like suspending it temporarily from an AZTEK kit? Tune in to this round table discussion with CMC School instructors.


4:00 YouTube video – Vortex drop 2012

Paper – 2007 ITRS Presentation on Belay Line Tests with Vortex “Again…..Are you REALLY on Belay” (part 2)

Reed Thorne from Ropes that Rescue

6:20 YouTube video: Rope Rescue Systems Testing – Main/Belay (Back-up) Failures

Kirk Mauthner Sharp Edge Testing in – EMBC Rope Rescue NIF Equipment Testing Summary Report 2016 (cmd + f and search ‘sharp edge’)

13:43 YouTube video – How Far Will You Fall? – Tom Pendley

45:40 CMC Rope Rescue Manual


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