CMC's Inflatable RIT-Craft Can Help Save Lives


To a drowning person, seconds seem like a lifetime. For rescuers, being trained and having the right equipment can mean the difference between a successful rescue and a life lost.

CMC Rescue’s RIT-Craft by 2Tinga was designed from scratch to incorporate the needs of those working in the emergency field. Designed and constructed for rapid deployment, the 12-foot-long craft inflates in minutes using SCBA or a compressor. Its light weight (44 lbs.) and compact size when deflated means the RIT-Craft can be stored in most apparatus compartments so it’s readily on hand when needed.

A versatile, all-season workhorse for almost any terrain or water type, the RIT-Craft has myriad rescue applications, including swift water, flat water, ice and snow. Without costly attachments, the vessel can be easily towed behind a boat or personal watercraft, an ATV or a snowmobile.

On ice or snow, the RIT-Craft slides across the surface or can be dragged by responders. In water, one or two people can easily paddle the craft, which tracks extremely well in the water to enable swift subject retrieval. The boat’s four-foot beam affords space for patient placement on the ridged inflatable work deck so that vital signs can be monitored en route to shore.

Bottom handholds allow an overturned craft to be easily corrected by one or two people. Safety lanyards can be connected to two D-rings along the center of the craft, while two larger D-rings at the front can accommodate a safety line or a towline.

Other features include:

  • Open transom for easy victim retrieval
  • Accommodates full-size rescue litter between 20-inch pontoons
  • Shallow draft for easy pivoting and maneuverability
  • High visibility colors for identification
  • Field repair kit

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A versatile, multi-season workhorse for almost any terrain or water type, the RIT-Craft by 2Tinga ha