Drag-N-Lift Patient Packaging // CMC Pro Tip


The CMC/SKEDCO Drag-N-Lift Harness is a way to rapidly and securely package and extract a patient when spinal immobilization is not required and is a great all around patient packaging device for Confined Space Rescue. It can be used to lift a patient vertically, carry them horizontally or drag them when the situation requires it. It is important that the harness fits snug and that all of the buckles are secure before moving or lifting the patient with the device.

This CMC PRO-TIP walks through some critical steps to properly packaging a patient using the CMC/SKEDCO Drag-N-Lift Harness.

To package a patient in the Drag-n-Lift, start by removing the harness from the storage bag.  Disconnect all of the quick-connect buckles, open the harness next to the patient and log roll the patient away from the harness.  Once that patient is on their side, lay the harness against their back so that the upper gray drag sheet strap is positioned just below the patient’s armpits.

It is helpful to move the straps into position, so they are not trapped under the harness when the patient is rolled flat.  Log roll the patient to the opposite side to gain access to the opposite side of the gray drag sheet straps.  Roll the patient so they are flat on their back again.  Get all of the straps positioned for easy placement and connection.  The first straps to connect are the leg straps by bringing them up between the patient’s legs and connect them to the same-colored webbing fixed V-rings at the patient’s hips.  Pull the webbing until the leg straps are snug.  Being able to slide two fingers under the strap is a good indicator of the correct tension.  Make sure the leg pads are in a comfortable position as they will carry much of the patient’s weight if they are lifted vertically.

Next, bring the shoulder straps over each shoulder and connect the buckles to the same-colored webbing at the patient’s hips to the fixed hip rings. Pull the straps snug just as you did the leg straps.  It is very important to connect the sternum strap and snug it down.  This helps keep the shoulder straps in proper position.  The shoulder V-rings should be positioned approximately at the patient’s clavicles at this point.

Connect the lower gray drag sheet straps, being careful to run them through, not over, the black carry handles.  They connect the upper gray drag sheet straps, again being careful to run them through, not over, the black carry handles.

Make sure that there are no twists in any of the straps when connecting them.  This allows for greater patient comfort and easier tensioning through the buckles.  Once all of the straps are properly connected and tightened, the patient can be dragged safely and efficiently.

There are two alternate patient position options to allow for movement through smaller openings.  The first option is to place one arm above the patient’s head and secure the gray drag sheet straps as before.  The second option gives the smallest profile option by putting both of the patient’s arms above their head and secure the gray drag sheet straps as before.