How to Pass a Knot on a Raise Through the CLUTCH Using an AZTEK // CMC Pro Tip


This Pro-Tip video demonstrates a knot pass on a raise through a CLUTCH using an AZTEK.

The AZTEK is an extremely versatile tool to complete a knot pass through a system. The AZTEK can be used for a knot pass on a raise or lower and can be used on a Twin Tension Rope System (TTRS) or a Dedicated Main/Dedicated Belay (DMDB). In this video we demonstrate how to perform a knot pass using an AZTEK on a TTRS raising system with dual CLUTCHes.

The AZTEK can be used as a piggyback system. A piggyback system or “pig rig” is an independent rope system that attaches to the main line. While this video demonstrates using an AZTEK for the knot pass, a built on-site or other pre-rigged mechanical advantage system can be used if there is a progress capture on the piggyback system that is used. A 3:1 with a progress capture built with a separate rope or a CSR2 Pulley System would be an examples of this. It is important that the AZTEK or any other piggyback haul system be attached to the anchor so that the potentially load-bearing carabiner attached to the CLUTCH, MPD, I’D etc is never opened (if required) until properly backed up.

This video is intended to be an adjunct to competent hands-on instruction. For more information about open enrollment or customized contract Rope Rescue and Confined Space Rescue classes please visit the CMC School Website at:

Step by Step:

1. Stop raising when the knot is 12 inches or 1/3 a meter from the CLUTCH.

2. Lock off CLUTCH on the knotted rope.

3. Extend the AZTEK well past the knot in the rope, generally about 6 feet or 2 meters or more.

4. Tie a separate prusik hitch in front of the knot and attach the AZTEK.

5. Attach the other end of the AZTEK to the anchor.

6. Check the system

7. Continue hauling with the second rope and the AZTEK until there is enough slack to rig the knot past the CLUTCH.

8. Unlock the CLUTCH, remove the knotted rope and rig the rope so the knot is in past the CLUTCH.

9. Make sure the CLUTCH side plate is fully closed.

10. Pull any slack through the CLUTCH.

11.Haul with both ropes or lower with the AZTEK until there is slack in the AZTEK.

12. Lock off the CLUTCH on the knotted rope

13. Disconnect the AZTEK and additional prusik from the system, unlock the CLUTCH.

14. Haul with both ropes and re-rig the front haul pulley past the knot when needed.