Installing a Chest Ascender on the ATOM™ Chest // CMC Pro Tip


To install or swap out a variety of chest ascenders on the ATOM Chest Harness, follow the steps below and refer to this Pro Tip Video. The ATOM Chest transforms the ATOM Sit Harness or Build Your Own (BYO) ATOM Sit Harness into a full body NFPA Class III Life Safety Harness. Compatible with CMC’s Chest Ascender Kit and built with multiple steel attachment points, the ATOM Chest delivers safety, comfort, and next-level versatility for the rope technician.


**Full Transcript Below**

1) Open the trap link on the ATOM Chest and remove the front lift.
2) Run the chest ascender strap loop over the front lift of the ATOM Chest.
3) Push the stiffened end of the chest ascender strap through the top hole of the chest ascender and over the back of the front lift.
4) Push the stiffened end under the top strap, over and back under the bottom strap, and under the chest ascender strap loop itself.
5) Reconnect the front lift to the trap link and tighten with a 15mm wrench.
6) Use the delta link to connect the chest ascender to the atom Sit ventral webbing attachment point.
7) Confirm the delta link is positioned in front of the ATOM Chest trap link, running through the same webbing loops.
8) Tighten the delta link with a 14mm wrench. Both the delta and trap link should be secured a quarter turn beyond hand tightness.