New! Extend your AZ Vortex Capabilities with the AZORP Kit


The newest companion to the Arizona Vortex, the CMC Rescue AZORP (Arizona Omni Rigging Pod) allows even greater versatility with the AZV system. Developed by Reed Thorne of Ropes That Rescue, this two-in-one rigging pod combines the versatility of two component halves that can be used in combination or separately, at different positions on the inner or outer legs of the Arizona Vortex. Machined from a solid block of T-6 aluminum, which requires no welds, it delivers superior strength with a sleek and simple design. The inner and outer AZORP pods can also be used together as a two-flange rigging pod in combination with an AZV leg compression member.

The AZORP Kit contains:

1 – AZORP Outer Pod (blue)
1 – AZORP Inner Pod (orange)
2 – Stainless Steel Quick Pins
1 – AZORP Storage Bag

Click here to learn more about the CMC Rescue AZORP Kit.

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AZORP KIT (Arizona Omni Rigging Pod)

The newest companion to the Arizona Vortex Kit, the AZORP (Arizona Omni Rigging Pod) allows even gre

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