Episode 10 - Peak Rescue | CMC GRIMP North America Recap Mini-Series



In this CMC GRIMP North America 2022 recap, we are joined by Peak Rescue (@peak_rescue) members Micah Rush, Toph Steinhoff, Eric Christensen, and Tye Herron who all placed first in Grimp NA 2022. Peak Rescue is a team from parts of Wyoming and Utah composed of members who work in Fire Service, Rope Access and Mountain Rescue. In this CMC Podcast Doug speaks with Peak Rescue about how their combined skillsets across a multitude of industries benefited them in competition, why it was they decided to get involved in GRIMP in the first place, how GRIMP helped them reexamine their team dynamic and the individual contributions they all make to said dynamic, and how GRIMP NA 2022 challenged them in unexpected ways.

Overheard this episode:

“You learn a lot when you are uncomfortable.”

“It was cool to watch poetry in motion.”

“It’s all about your team.”

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Important Warning

  • Many of the activities discussed in this podcast pose a very substantial risk of serious injury or death.
  • Products and techniques discussed in this podcast are intended for use by specially trained professionals.
  • Technical rescue, rappelling, climbing and the training involved are very hazardous activities. Each situation has its own unique conditions and must be evaluated by those present. Effective risk management comes from experience, proper training and good personal judgment.
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