Tech Tip | AZTEK System Series: Passing a Knot Through a Raising System


In this video, Senior Rescue School Instructor, LeRoy Harbach, explains how to pass a knot through a traditional raising system with the CMC AZTEK ProSeries® System. LeRoy demonstrates quick and easy set up, and how the system is applied and utilized.

The CMC Rescue AZTEK ProSeries System is the only AZTEK system UL Classified to NFPA 1983 (2012 ED.) – General Use, Manufactured System.

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The working line for the AZTEK system must be strong, perform well with small diameter Prusik cord,

AZTEK Bound-Loop Prusiks and Purcells

Years of development, testing and fine tuning has made our sewn Prusiks, Purcells and cord a preferr