2016 ICAR Highlights Videos


Each year CMC Rescue co-sponsors the highlights video for the International Congress for Alpine Rescue (ICAR) produced by Topograph Media. This year’s congress took place October 19-22, 2016 in Borovets, Bulgaria.

Part 1

Part 1 features 6 selected presentations:  Dr. Greg Zen-Ruffinen, Air Glacier Helicopter Rescue Service, “Helicopter Long-Line Quick Extraction in times of high avalanche danger.” Klaus Wagenbichler, , Austrian Mountain Rescue, “Slalom Avalanche Probing Techniques,”  Jan Hoggen, Norwegian Red Cross, “RECCO update,” Kuba Horonwski, Tatra Mountain Rescue Service, Poland, “Avalanche Beacon Techniques,” Manuel Genswein, Avalanche Expert, “Mountain Safety Knowledge Data Base,” Dr, Natalie Holtzl, German Association of Mountain and Expedition Medicine and Dr. Julia Fieler, Norwegian Red Cross “Scoop and Run” scenarios for patient evacuation.

ICAR 2016 Bulgaria (Part 1) from Topograph Media on Vimeo.

Part 2

Part 2 features 5 selected presentations; the following list includes the subjects and their locations on the video time line. You will find interviews with the Presidents of the four commissions, Avalanche Rescue at 00:50, Alpine Medicine at 08:28, Terrestrial Rescue at 17:35 and Air Rescue at 27:41.  Finally: Comments from the ICAR President at 31:52.

  • 01:56  Mikael Amlert, Mountain Guide, Sweden, Best Practice in Avalanche Victim Excavation
  • 03:36 Live Kummen, Norwegian Peoples Aid, A National Guideline for Terrestrial Search Methods in Norway 
  • 10:25 Marie Nordgren, Rescue Specialist, Sweden, Rescue and Recovery of Three Teenage Boys, two were apparently deceased.
  • 19:37 Kirk Mauthner, Mountain Guide, British Columbia, New Developments in Rope Rescue in Canada
  • 30:21 Ekaterina Kovatcheva, Bulgarian Red Cross, Bulgaria Mountain Rescue Dogs in Action

Part 2 ICAR 2016 Bulgaria from Topograph Media on Vimeo.

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