REMS & Remote Rescue Workshop // CMC School Class


The CMC School is offering a new multi-day REMS & Remote Rescue Workshop. This course introduces REMS concepts and practices that go beyond the application of traditional vertical rescue training. Students learn remote rescue techniques utilizing lighter equipment and lighter rope, in a wildland or remote type setting. We align the skills and equipment in the class with FIRESCOPE ICS 223 -2022.

Video Transcript:

“CMC is offering a multi day REMS & Remote Rescue Workshop.

There is more demand for this type of training because of the consistent fire problem we have in the state of California.

There are more firefighters on the line, there needs to be more REMS teams out there to help protect those firefighters when they are working in that environment. 

My name is Dan Claridge and I’m an instructor for CMC. 

CMC developed this curriculum because the demand has been outpacing the training. 

The REMS class that CMC is offering is covering more of the ropes side of the house. 

We’re looking at more remote type techniques utilizing lighter equipment, lighter rope, in a wildland or remote type setting. 

The CMC REMS/Remote Rescue Workshop is an intensive course to introduce REMS concepts and practices beyond the application of traditional vertical rescue training and tactics taught in rope operations and technician courses. 

Some of the skills taught in this class are set up and use of mission appropriate 9.5 mm and 11 mm rescue systems. We also teach various device operations, austere anchoring, single rope rescue, patient movement, small team and limited gear operations, and horizontal steep and vertical evacuations. 

My advice to students is to have a rope rescue technician skill set, physical endurance, and a willingness to explore lightweight rope and equipment options.”