Carabiner Gate Types // CMC Fundamentals


Welcome to CMC Fundamentals, a series created for technicians who are just getting started in the industry or who want to build their knowledge base. In this video, CMC demonstrates the functionality of four different carabiner gate types: non-locking, screw-locking, manual-locking, and auto-locking. This is a basic review of the typical carabiners used by technicians in rescue and access. It does not cover all the possible options available. If you have any questions about equipment or education, please email the CMC Instructors at or visit the CMC School page for class schedules.


Featured Gear


ProSeries® Aluminum Key-Lock Carabiners

Highly Advanced NFPA General-Use Rescue Carabiner. Patented. Rescuers working in the most demand

ProTech™ Aluminum Key-Lock Carabiners

Ideal for rescue and rope access, this anodized carabiner’s patented key-lock design does not hang


An extremely low-stretch kernmantle lifeline constructed of 100% High Tenacity Polyester (HTP) fiber