CMC Rescue Partners with Direct Relief International to Aid in Disaster Relief Efforts


On April 25, 2015, Nepal was struck with a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake leaving over 9,000 dead, and thousands more injured or unaccounted for, and without food, shelter or sufficient medical care. In the wake of this catastrophic event, professional search and rescue and medical response teams from around the world were immediately deployed to aid in the recovery and treatment of survivors. In moments like these, we may ask ourselves, “How can I help?” As a business in the rescue community we are further compelled to ask, “How can we best support those on the front lines of rescue and emergency response?”

The answer came in 2010, in an inquiry from Direct Relief International (DRI), an internationally recognized non-profit organization that provides essential medical resources to poverty- and disaster-stricken areas. In preparation for their relief efforts, DRI sought a partnership with CMC Rescue to design and manufacture individual backpacks for aid workers to efficiently organize and haul medical supplies.

It’s not uncommon for CMC Rescue to design custom products for agencies with specific needs. In many cases, product innovations are born of this type of necessity. In DRI’s case, the packs they envisioned needed to be lightweight and durable–able to withstand the rigors and hazards of disaster zones–and designed with high-visibility, easily identifiable by individuals and other relief agencies operating in the congestion.

The resulting backpacks, designed and manufactured with the same quality and care that go into our trusted line of life safety rope and equipment bags, have served DRI well over the years, and in that sense we feel proudly that we’ve also helped to do our part to support the ongoing relief effort in Nepal, and around the world.



It is both an honor and a pleasure to have been granted the opportunity to work with DRI, an organization that is globally recognized for its outstanding work in disaster relief.

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