CMC Rescue's Commitment to Conserve


Quality is key here at CMC Rescue and that includes the quality of the environment in which we operate and in which we live. Our latest effort to reduce the use of packaging is the elimination of Styrofoam when we ship our MPDs. Using a smaller, more durable cardboard box for the product ensures the MPD’s integrity as it makes its way to our customers around the world.

Efforts to limit consumption and waste throughout our company are continuous but don’t end with us — they extend to everyone. So here are a few tips for ways reuse or recycle your CMC Rescue box:

If you are an end user:

  • reuse the box and packing materials to send gifts;
  • use the box for storage in your home or office;
  • share the box (and others you receive) with your employer if they make shipments or with a friend or neighbor who is moving or needs a sturdy box for shipping; and
  • recycle the box if you cannot reuse or share it.

If you are a supplier:

  • reuse the box (if the box crush test rating is appropriate)—and the packaging—to ship your products to customers (see the CMC Rescue Box program for more on this);
  • shred the box and use it as packing material for other shipments;
  • offer boxes that won’t be used in-house to employees to take home and use; and
  • recycle the box if you cannot reuse, share or shred it.

So why not be a hero every day, and when you can… Rescue a Box!

by Rebecca Bracken
CMC Rescue