How to Select a Carabiner


In this short informational product video, CMC Rescue School Senior Instructor, LeRoy Harbach, reviews the features and gate options of all the CMC Rescue Carabiners, to help you decide which carabiner is right for you.

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Featured Gear


Stainless Steel Carabiner

The Most Corrosion-Resistant Carabiner Available. 100% Stainless Steel. Classified to NFPA General U

ProSeries® Aluminum Key-Lock Carabiners

Highly Advanced NFPA General-Use Rescue Carabiner. Patented. Rescuers working in the most demand

ProTech™ Aluminum Key-Lock Carabiners

Ideal for rescue and rope access, this anodized carabiner’s patented key-lock design does not hang

Aluminum Oval Carabiner

Non-locking carabiners can be used for racking equipment or as the keeper carabiner on a load-releas