Meet the CLUTCH


Introducing the all-new CLUTCH, the latest evolution in rescue and rope access hardware that enables the technical rope professional to do more with less. This multi-purpose device was designed and engineered in collaboration by two companies with a collective 90 year history in rope management under heavy loads: CMC, a company with roots in rescue and rope access, and Harken Industrial, a manufacturing company with roots in high performance sailing.

The CLUTCH delivers ease of use and optimal control in a multitude of rigging operations including hauling, lowering, descending, ascending, belaying, and TTRS. It moves seamlessly between anchor-based systems and personal use, offering unmatched versatility for the rope technician. With the CLUTCH, you can do more with less.


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The CMC CLUTCH™ BY Harken Industrial™ is the latest evolution in rescue and rope access hardware.

The CLUTCH is patented and made in the USA by CMC and Harken Industrial in a partnership that combines over 90 years of experience in rescue and rope management.

Suited to a multitude of rigging operations, the CLUTCH moves seamlessly between anchor-based systems and personal use. It offers unparalleled versatility for the rope technician through:

  • Efficient hauling
  • Controlled lowering
  • Easy ascending
  • Smooth descending
  • Belaying
  • Twin tensioning

The heart of the CLUTCH is a stainless steel ratcheting and rotating sheave. This sheave has three key benefits.

First, it delivers highly efficient progress capture for easy hauling and ascending, making the CLUTCH more efficient than a traditional cam-style descender.

Second, the clicking sound provides an audible safety check that confirms the rope is feeding properly and progress is being made.

Third, the rope takes an intuitive path around the sheave, making the CLUTCH easy to reeve.

A double-latched side plate creates a two-step opening process. This safety feature prevents the Side Plate from opening unintentionally.

The independent attachment point allows the CLUTCH to be loaded and unloaded without unclipping it from the carabiner. The user is able to perform quick transitions with less risk of dropping the device.

The CLUTCH has an ergonomic Control Handle that is comfortable and easy to use with light and heavy loads.

The CLUTCH also has a built-in force limiting feature that allows it to safely and reliably slip in overload situations. When arresting a fall, the CLUTCH limits the dynamic impact load to dissipate energy.

Another strength of the CLUTCH is its all-metal components. The machined aluminum chassis and stainless steel wear guards deliver lightweight durability that lasts longer than plastic parts.

The versatility of the CLUTCH is further increased with the integrated becket, which allows direct connection of pulleys for building mechanical advantage systems.

The compactness of the CLUTCH and orientation of the handle also makes it ideal for twin tension rope systems. When two CLUTCH devices are brought together in the Double CLUTCH TTRS, users can maintain nearly equal tension on both lines so that the load is shared across two rope systems.

The Gray CLUTCH is designed for rope diameters of 10.5-11mm and is certified to NFPA General Use, ANSI, and EN standards.

The Red CLUTCH is designed for rope diameters of 12.5-13mm and is certified to NFPA General Use and ANSI.

Both models are rated to a maximum load of 272 kg (600 lb) with a 40 kN pulley and 22 kN integrated becket.

The CLUTCH simplifies training and operation because it has the functionality and safety features of multiple devices in one.

The thoughtful design and materials create a compact device that can accompany users into remote settings and extreme environments.