The ATOM™ Harness Series


In this video, Art Maciel, Level 3 Rope Access Technician, introduces the ATOM™ Harness Series and talks about its safety, comfort, efficiency, and customization. He describes harness construction for the ATOM Access, ATOM Rescue, and ATOM Sit; reviews the unique features of the ATOM Access; and explains how to Build Your Own.



**Full Transcript Below**



Hi my name is Art Maciel with CMC and today we’re going to talk about the ATOM Harness Series. The ATOM Harness Series is a result of years of experience and feedback from our end users. We currently have three models available: the Access, the Rescue, and the Sit Harness. I am currently wearing the Access version of our harnesses, and I’m going to walk you through some of the features that are in this harness.


ATOM Harness Series

The harnesses in the ATOM Series have the same basic architecture and materials. These are made with a polyester blend webbing, which makes for a more supple material but it’s also more water resistant and UV resistant as well. The ATOM Series also includes rolled edges and dual density foam for comfort. These come into the waist and the leg loops as well. The ATOM Series has a lot of attention to detail built into it. One of these features is the elastic that keeps the Dorsal D Ring out of the way. You only have to pull it up and use it when you need it, and it automatically goes away when you don’t. When coming up with the ATOM Series we really tried to re-imagine how we structure our harness. We decided to change the length of the risers on the front of it and this really increases user comfort when sitting on rope. It allows you to be a little more upright and decrease fatigue while on a job site.


ATOM Access

The Access configuration of the ATOM Series includes Aluminum D Rings, these are larger diameter and lightweight. They come in really handy when you’re doing rope to rope transfers and have multiple pieces of equipment attached to your harness. Also, we have Steel Slide Buckles for a more low-profile fit, these are very comfortable and very efficient. The Access also has Molded Gear Loops to keep your equipment organized. We also have additional Tool Loops on the backside and on the leg loops as well. Also with the Access version, you get a chest ascender (Climbing Technology Chest Ascender HC) that’s incorporated into the harness with a custom strap, and this allows you to remove it or replace it with a different version of the chest ascender that you prefer. Also on the front of the harness you’ll find connection points for workseats, so these work really well with our SkySaddle.


Build Your Own

Now that we’ve talked about some of the standard features in the Access version of the ATOM Series Harness, I’d like to encourage you to go to our website and check out some of the features on the Build Your Own Tool. This really allows the user to customize a harness to your specific needs.