Product Profile: The CMC Response Harness™


Our new Response Harness was designed from the inside out, and completely from top to bottom to offer our customers the ultimate in extended comfort. This improvement will be appreciated when wearing the harness, either while walking around during long training days or when suspended in the harness during a vertical rescue operation. To achieve this objective, we reconfigured the front lift geometry as well as designed the waist and leg padding to enhance the overall load distribution while hanging in the harness. This included engineering the leg components to incorporate high durometer foam and backing material as well as widening the padding to efficiently support the underside of the legs without adding unnecessary weight. We’ve retained our industry leading rear waist to leg adjustment, allowing maximum flexibility in locating the leg pad in the most comfortable position.

Other new features include the addition of a soft loop travel restraint point on the rear waist as well as updated quick-connect buckles throughout to provide faster and easier donning of the harness when every second counts. These side-release buckles provide a secure closure, will not open under load, and require a two-action operation to open for additional safety.

We also expanded the harness size range by offering the Response Harness in three sizes; small, medium and large, to provide each user with a more tailored fit.

In case you missed it, see more of the Response Harness’s great features in our latest product video:

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