Arizona State-Wide Tech-Rescue Training: Video Series Recaps Basic MPD™ Features and How To’s


The Phoenix area is fortunate to have a large regional technical rescue program. However, introducing new devices and procedures can be challenging because we want everyone to receive the same training so we’re all on the same page. It’s a safety issue.

One of those exciting new tools, the CMC MPD, offers a large enough improvement in safety and efficiency to make it worth the effort of properly implementing it into our program as a core tool.

We wanted to know the best way to bring the MPD into our regional toolbox so we asked CMC Rescue if they could help us.

CMC agreed to come out for two days and give four train-the-trainer classes. We reached out to instructors from all of the teams in the Phoenix region and throughout much of Arizona and 48 rescue instructors took the four-hour MPD class put on by CMC Rescue School senior instructor LeRoy Harbach.

We made three highlight videos to capture this excellent class and to use as a reference for our instructors and team members. We share them here in partnership with CMC Rescue.

Tom Pendley
Desert Rescue Research

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Operation

Part 3: Practice Tips

Featured Gear


MPD™ (Multi-Purpose Device)

Pulley / Rescue Belay / Descent Control Pat. 7,658,264 The MPD allows you to go from lowering to

Equipment Storage Bag

Made of a padded double layer of Cordura® nylon to protect your hardware like the MPD™ and CMC CL

Arizona Vortex Kit

Named for its origin in the rugged Red Rock highlands of northern Arizona, the Arizona Vortex Kit is

Titanium Rescue Litter

Tapered with StratLoad™ Attachment Points Amazingly strong and light, lift our ultra-lightweight

Stainless Steel Rescue Litter

Featuring StratLoad™ Attachment Points A complete re-thinking of the classic Stokes military-styl