CMC Podcast 6 - 47 Years of SAR - Interview with John McKently


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What does one learn from 2,397 rescues over the course of 47 years?
In this episode of the CMC Podcast LeRoy Harbach interviews CMC Senior School Instructor John McKently discussing the changes and evolution of SAR.

Topics Discussed:

1:00 Who is John McKently?

2:05 What do you see as the biggest changes that have taken place over your career?

4:45 Carabiner types and material evolution.

7:40 What did you do before CMC?

8:45 How did you get into rescue originally?

10:00 How many rescues over the years?

11:50 Changes in systems and hardware.

18:40 Camp crews and labor management.

20:55 Other equipment changes over the years.

24:17 Standards

27:55 How do resources like helicopters interface with your typical responses?

33:05 Where do you think things in rope rescue are going?

39:08 Decent control numbers.

51:05 Closing thoughts.


2:30 Kernmantal Rope

2:30 Laid Rope

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