Episode 5 - Yes Ma'am | CMC GRIMP North America Recap Mini-Series



In this CMC GRIMP North America 2022 recap, we are joined by the entire Yes Ma’am team (@yesmaamrescue): Team Captain Lydia Tan (@lydiaai007), Evaluator Kitana Chu, Team Members Saskia Roosen (@saskiaroosen), Alia Koster, Cecilia Gonzales (@womeninrope), and Stephanie Hyatt (@verticalintegrityrescue), and Victim Brid Casey.

Yes Ma’am was the first ever all-female team to compete in a GRIMP event. In this episode, they share their experience of doing something that has never done before and the importance of diverse representation in the industry. The team members also came from six different countries from all over the world. They explain the process of training remotely and having their first in-person meeting just 2 days before the competition, and the different techniques they used when brute strength wasn’t an option.

Overheard during the episode:

“It was empowering, I was doing something that has never been done before, and being part of a team that has never been done before; it gave me confidence.” — Stephanie Hyatt

“It will be more normal to see women on everything, you will see women doing all kinds of things because they know it’s possible — It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter how big you are, if you do the job, if you do it well, you can do it, of course you can.” — Alia Koster

“I was always told that if I want to do something, look for someone that looks like you doing that. And in this case, there wasn’t anyone doing this that looked like me. So, we are now that female team doing the rope rescue competitions.” — Stephanie Hyatt

“It’s a great opportunity. These competitions are the best training you can get for real existing situations. You have to deal with the stress, you have to deal with the unknown, and sometimes you’re with crew members you don’t know very well. Because that is, in the end, the reality.” — Saskia Roosen

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