CMC GRIMP North America 2022 | Highlight Reel


We’re excited to share the GRIMP North America 2022 Highlight Reel! Our video focuses on the teams and their efforts to perform safe and efficient rescues across 6 timed scenarios on the Battleship Iowa. Congrats to all the participants who came together to accelerate their learning and progression, share ideas and techniques, and grow the rescue community. Our deepest thanks to the evaluators, sponsors, photographers, and videographers, all of whom made GRIMP NA 2022 a great success. We’ll see you at the next one!



“GRIMP North America is an international rescue skills challenge that is all about bringing the rescue community together, sharing ideas and techniques, and ultimately making rescues safer and more efficient.

In the 2022 edition, 12 teams from 8 different countries came aboard the Battleship Iowa in Los Angeles to compete in 6, 90-minute scenarios.

From the dark depths to the soaring stacks of the ship, teams rescued live patients under the intense pressure of realistic conditions and tight time constraints.

A multitude of interdisciplinary skills were required to complete each evolution, including patient packaging and transport, confined space rescue, tower climbing, ascending and descending, raising and lowering, vertical knot passing, and highline construction.

They pushed themselves to a new level: working hard, getting dirty, and trusting each other to get the job done.

Through shared learning, skill development, and friendly competition, the teams accelerated their path of progression in rescue and improved their execution for the benefit of their communities and other rescuers around them.

Thank you to all the teams, sponsors, and staff who made GRIMP North America an unbelievable success this year. See you at the next one!”