Special Rescue Association




These are long-term members of the worldwide rescue community! They proudly perform with German precision and efficiency, and have executed many successful and highly classified operations. The Special Rescue Association team serves as a German development group for innovative rope rescue techniques. They hope to share their expertise as well as learn from others during the challenge.

  • Innovators of Rope Rescue Techniques
  • Overseas and Classified Operations
  • Long term Member of Worldwide Rescue Family

Their Professional Competitive Experience is as follows:

Polish state rope rescue competition 2008

Grimp Day 2010, 6th Place

Grimp Day 2011, 12th Place

Grimp Day 2014, 15th Place

Grimp Day 2015, 4th Place

Grimp Day 2016, 3rd Place

Rope N Rescue Belgium, 2nd Place

Grimp Day 2017, 3rd Place

Chiao Airas Competition Taiwan 2017, 1st Place

Rope N Rescue Belgium 2018, 3rd Place

Grimp Day 2018, 5th Place


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